Who Killed The Idea?

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Trailer of the short feature film starring Harvey Keitel, Debi Mazar and Nadja Auermann.


“Who Killed the Idea?” is a 21st century satirical detective story.

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A Femme Fatal 40’s style, played by Debi Mazar (“GoodFellas”, “Batman”) gives a hardboiled detective, played by Harvey Keitel (“The Piano”, “Bad Lieutenant”, “Pulp Fiction”), the assignment to find out “Who Killed the Idea?” Together they go searching for the ideakillers. The film, which features top model Nadja Auermann in her first movie role, starts in Downtown Los Angeles and ends in the Californian Desert.

The film is a satire about the different facets of creativity in a world where style is more important than content and form more important than function.


Top: Debi Mazar, Hermann Vaske and Harvey Keitel on set
Bottom, left to right: The night belongs to Debi, Nadja as Femme Fatale, Harvey Keitel on set, I want you to find out who killed the idea! Debi Mazar at the Private Eye’s office


Left to right: Hermann during the shoot, DoP Phedon Papamichael and Hermann on set, Hermann on set in Downtown L.A.


Left: Actresses Debi Mazar and Nadja Auermann with Hermann at the premiere of “Who killed the Idea?” in Cannes
Right: Hermann and Harvey during postproduction

Project Credits

A Hermann Vaske Film

Produced by Mindfield and Hermann Vaske’s Emotional Network

Harvey Keitel, Debi Mazar, Nadja Auermann
Hermann Vaske
Dave Trott, Hermann Vaske
Supervising Producer:
Charles V. Bender
Jimmy Greenway, Michael Nadeau and Hermann Vaske
Production Coordinator:
Jennifer Feist
Director of Photography:
Phedon Papamichael, A.S.C.
Amy Duddleston
Additional Editing:
Pictorion – Das Werk, Frankfurt
Postproduction Supervisor:
Klaus Braumann
Production Assistant:
Timo Breidenbruch

USA/Germany 2003, 15 min.

Hermann Vaske Filmography