The Art of Football

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Legendary British comedian John Cleese explaining the offside rule.

Project Description

“The whole knowledge of the human soul passes through a football field”Albert Camus“The Art of Football” stars England’s best comedian John Cleese. As a passionate football fan himself, Cleese takes us through the art of football with more laughs a minute than you’d ever expect regardless of the type of sport.It is an exciting journey through the creative world of football, an entertaining, instructional look into a sport that draws a larger crowd than the Olympics. More money than Hollywood. More media coverage than any politician.The film explores the different facets of football and the arts. Creatively and artistically. Director Hermann Vaske talked to football legends like Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer, Michel Platini, Kaká and Thierry Henry as well as referee-legend Pierluigi Collina.pele_kissinger.jpg

Left: The greatest footballer of all time Pelé and Hermann VaskeRight: Henry Kissinger and Hermann Vaske talked about football in New YorkAlongside the athletes, several artists, musicians and politicians also get to share their thoughts on the art of football. Wim Wenders follows football with the same enthusiasm as the actors Keith Allen and Dennis Hopper. Tony Kaye, Dave Stewart and Henry Kissinger are big football fans. As Arsenal’s coach Arsène Wenger notes: “Football is a branch of creativity, a branch of the arts.”“The Art of Football” paints a humorous, ironic picture of the sport. The film proves that football is a creative art form overcoming all language barriers regardless of geography.cleese_production_1.jpg

Left: Cleese on set in Santa BarbaraRight: John and Hermann going through the screenplaycleese_production_2.jpg

Left: John Cleese on footballTop: John Cleese with comedic sidekick Tom KonkleBottom: John and Hermann heading the ballcollina_henry.jpg

Left: Star referee Pierluigi CollinaRight: Exceptional striker Thierry Henrynistelrooy_ballack.jpg

Left: Ruut van NistelrooyRight: Football star Michael Ballackvoeller_beckenbauer.jpg

Left: Rudi VoellerRight: Franz the Kaiser Beckenbauer gave us a great interviewweger_hamm.jpg

Left: Creative coach Arsène WengerRight: Mia Hammwenders_platini.jpg

Left: Passionate football fan Wim WendersRight: UEFA President Michel Platinithe_shoot.jpg

Project Credits

A Hermann Vaske Film

Produced by Hermann Vaske’s Emotional Network and Studio Hamburg

Hermann Vaske
Chris Langham, Hermann Vaske
Commissioning Editor:
Hans Robert Eisenhauer
Executive Producer:
Bernard Brochand, John Cleese, Nizan Guanaes
Oliver Herder, Gerd Richter-Kiewning
Production Coordinator:
Jennifer Feist
Máté Tóth, Goran Pavicevic
Michael Kadelbach
Bastian Ahrens
ACHT Frankfurt
Postproduction Supervisor:
Oliver Kähler, Sarah Klug
Production Assistants:
Kristofer Koch, Timo Breidenbruch

Germany, France 2006, 112 min.

Hermann Vaske Filmography