The “Why Are You Creative?” Exhibition

Exhibition Flyer

The “Why Are You Creative?” Exhibition contains 365 original drawings and writings of people with an undoubtedly creative reputation. From Nelson Mandela to Steven Spielberg, from David Bowie to Spike Lee, from Prof. Stephen Hawking to Billy Wilder, from Mikhail Gorbachev to the Dalai Lama, from Damien Hirst to Tracey Emin, from Jeff Koons to Yoko Ono.

The exhibition is divided into two parts by a floating wall. In one part we see the “Why Are You Creative?” framed originals. Next to each frame is an LCD monitor. On these monitors each creative person explains in a filmed interview why she or he is creative. Each tape is running on a loop. All in all the “Why Are You Creative?” Exhibition offers a stimulating insight into creative diversity in the various creative disciplines.

Create Your Own Exhibition: The other half of the exhibition space on the other side of the floating wall is completely empty. In the middle of the room is a white table with blank pieces of paper. On these pieces of paper the visitors find the question “Why are you creative?” in the top left. Next to the paper there will be pencils, markers, needles and pins. The visitors are invited to answer the question. This part of the room is called “Create Your Own Exhibition”.

The interactive stimulus of the project is interesting because at the end of the day, if you put the creations of the visitors next to the creative icons and if you remove the nameplates, it will be hard to see any difference.The unique purpose of this project is to encourage everybody’s creativity and to show that everybody is creative.


Left: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Prof. Hermann Vaske, Prof. Felix Semmelroth, Dr. Helmut Gold and Oliviero Toscani
Right: Hermann at the opening at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt


Left: Oliviero Toscani at the opening at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt
Right: The Museum of Communication in Frankfurt


Left: Dr Ruth and Hermann
Right: Dr, Hartmut Schwesinger, Prof. Felix Semmelroth and Hermann Vaske at the opening at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt


Left: The Vaske Collection at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt
Right: Actress Hannelore Elsner and Hermann at the opening at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt

“The answers cover the entire spectrum on what has ever been thought about creativity.”


“The question of all questions is: Why are you creative?”


“A creative searching for creativity.”


“The search for breakthrough ideas.”


“A project that dares to ask the Faustian question.”


“Highly entertaining and amusing.”


“The most original collection that I have ever seen.”


“A nice exhibition.”


“Vaske gets Cannes double billing.”


“Une initiative originelle.”