Bayern 4 Klassik Print Campaign “Food for Imagination”


For ten years Hermann Vaske’s Emotional Network has done the advertising for Bayern 4 Klassik radio. In 2001 Hermann Vaske created the print campaign “Food for Imagination”. Hermann teamed up with star photographer Anton Corbijn, who shot the campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to take photographs of artists from the various creative disciplines, whose inspiration is classical music. Hermann and Anton went along and took photographs of star violinist Hilary Hahn. In Berlin they shot the actor Bruno Ganz (“Wings of Desire”, “Downfall”). In Berneburg castle they took the picture of legendary painter George Baselitz.


In 2004, Hermann and Anton produced the second flight. In the Alps they shot baritone Thomas Quasthoff, and on the Baltic coast “Thomas Mann”-actor Armin Mueller-Stahl. In Munich they met the Russian superstar and Madonna of classical music, Anna Netrebko, who is compared by critics with Maria Callas. The common ground of all these artists: the actors Ganz and Mueller-Stahl, the painter Baselitz, the violinist Hahn, the baritone Quasthoff, soprano Netrebko consider classical music as an essential factor of their respective creative process. “Especially in the morning, there is no greater inspiration than classical music to wake the senses”, says Armin Mueller-Stahl. Just as Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones used to say, “there is nothing better than Beethoven to get the brain into gear in the morning.”

Corbijn, who just like Vaske is a laureate of the Eyes & Ears of Europe Excellence Award, says about the campaign, “If a brief is tailored to the photographer, it doesn’t limit you at all but gives you a liberating feeling. I had fun doing it.”

“Classical music is one of the best inventions of mankind,” adds Vaske. “To promote classical music is not only fun but a cultural assignment.