Bayern 4 Klassik “Händel”

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The spot is written by Hermann Vaske and directed by Charles Barker (production company: ASD Lionheart, London). Shot in Budapest, it features more than 500 extras and an Iljuschin airplane. The MTV-style rockumentary portrays Händel as a pop star. In the commercial, shot in documentary black and white style, several ecstatic fans try to get close to their idol, ripping Händel’s clothes apart, trying to touch a curl of his hair. In his concert, fans hold up posters reading “Georg Friedrich”. Girls faint, and have to be carried away by security. Scenes we know exactly from Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Robbie Williams. A reporter interviews an enthusiastic female fan, “I got up at two in the morning and walked seven miles just to see him!”

Backstage, accompanied by the sound of his world hit “Halleluja”, a harassed Händel escapes into his limo. The punch line: “You have to be quite good to stay in the charts for 250 years.” The logo of “Bayern 4 Klassik” appears.


Händel Airlines: Producer Hermann Vaske and the maestro on set