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Balkan Spirit

This autumn Hermann Vaske's

This autumn Hermann Vaske's "Balkan Spirit" continues to hit the festival circuit. After a screening at Raindance Festival in London on October 1st, it shows at the Golden Drum Festival in Portoroz, Slovenia and at the Tiflis International Film Festival. Filmmaker Hermann Vaske and philosopher Slavoj Žižek tell us about artists who live in the Balkans. We meet Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic, Turkish band Baba Zula and legendary filmmaker Dušan Makavejev and directors as diverse as Jasmila Žbanić and Emir Kusturica and finally, representing young creatives we talked to artists like Flaka Haliti from Kosovo and Eleni Angelopoulos from Greece. Creativity is a gesture of generosity and tolerance. In this sense, “Balkan Spirit” unifies and brings together the great creatives from the region.

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